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Preschool Worksheets

Our printable worksheets for early childhood development help establish eye-hand coordination and develop fine motor skills. They are great for educators. Our English language worksheets give kids plenty of practice to identify and write upper and lower case alphabets, at their own pace. Kids learn to recognize animals that they mostly see in the world around them. Science worksheets help to make kids aware of their environment. Math worksheets introduce numbers, colors and shapes. Kids learn to count and understand various shapes, while having fun coloring them. Worksheets motivate kids to connect and match numbers, to get good practice with numbers. They make learning an exciting and stress free activity.
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sight-words Sight Words
phonics Phonics
miscellaneous Miscellaneous
alphabets Alphabets
counting Counting
planar-or-2d-shapes Planar or 2D Shapes
patterns Patterns
ordinal-numbers Ordinal Numbers
animals Animals
humans Humans

Preschool Kids Worksheets

Use our printable worksheets to make the learning process easier for pre-schoolers. These worksheets will help your kid build a strong foundation for every subject. Practicing on worksheets will not only develop your kid’s fine motor skills and help him acquire a good handwriting, but will also improve his precision and fluidity over time. Our worksheets are so simple that kids can work on it all by themselves. As they are on diverse topics and themes with lots of pictures, they are sure to add an element of fun in the learning process. Kids also learn the fundamentals of colors, language, math and science. Their writing skills are honed through practice on these worksheets.

An important developmental skill for preschool kids is the ability to recognize letters and numbers. Practicing to identify and write letters and numbers, on worksheets, helps preschoolers to master these skills. Kids who know the alphabets can learn to read faster other than those who are not aware of the letters. Practice on worksheets helps to improve the kid’s observation skills and also enhances their visual discrimination skills. They learn to identify shapes and colors. Make the entire learning process exciting and enjoyable for your little one with the help of worksheets on

Worksheet is an opportunity given to kids to be creative. Colors fascinate kids and attract them easily. Our coloring worksheets help kids to become aware of the world around them. They help them understand the form, shape and color of things. The worksheets allow kids to work at their own pace and help them build confidence. They improve eye-hand coordination and spatial awareness. Our worksheets are a great way to practice preschool concepts and sharpen your kid’s learning skills. They prepare kids for school and academic life. They are one of the most efficient tools for preschool learning. © 2015. All Rights Reserved.